Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of the lands in which we live, work and play.


Working with children

Passionate about working with children?


Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care has been operating since 1983 and originated from the desire to provide assistance to families who needed child care.  Thirty years on and in partnership with our fantastic Educators we are still providing care! 


We are looking for expressions of interest from either existing Educators or from people who want to run their own child care business from home. Click here to receive an information and application kit.


“It’s a journey you travel with children.  Watching them learn, grow and succeed.  It’s the most wonderful job, to assist and support families”. Deb and Geoff


Family Day Care Educators provide individualised care and enhance the development of children in a safe, nurturing environment with a commitment to meeting the changing needs of families.


Perhaps you have not been working while you care for your own children at home, maybe you are looking for an exciting change from Centre based employment or are you looking for a new career to suit a new phase in your life? 


Becoming a Family Day Care Educator is for you if you:

  • Are passionate about working with children; 

  • Want a flexible and rewarding career…at home; 

  • Work at home with your own children; 

  • Have a desire to be your own boss by running your own small business; Need an exciting change from Centre based employment;

  • Wish for a new career for a new phase in your life; and

  • Want to join a growing profession

Apply now to join Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care.  Our friendly Co-ordination Unit Team will provide you with ongoing support including:

  • Placement of children into your care 

  • Promoting your service and marketing to families 

  • Arranging alternative care for children when you take holidays or are sick 

  • Providing access to play session and excursion activities 

  • Providing access to toy library and equipment borrowing 

  • Providing access to information and resources to assist with supporting families 

  • Qualified advice and support with fitting and using child car seat restraints 

  • Administration of Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and other child care payments 

  • Regular home support visits 

  • Providing assistance to meet the National Quality Framework requirements of Family Day Care Educators 

  • Assisting with professional development training opportunities 

  • Facilitating conflict resolution and mediation of disputes 

  • Administration support 

  • Offering additional support as needed

We believe in working with our Educators closely, building strong, supportive and long term relationships.  Like our Educators, Family Day Care is our core business and our passion. 

“I love working for myself.  I can set the hours I work and can offer flexible care to suit the needs of my families.  It’s the best decision I ever made”. Krystal.


Ready to apply?

Visit our Getting Started Page.   Got questions?  Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or call our friendly Co-ordination unit team members, phone: (07) 4152 9233. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How many children can I care for?

A: You will be able to care for up to 7 children at any given time.  The same limits apply if there is more than one Educator registered at the same premises.  Of those 7 children no more than 4 can be under school age children.  You must include your own under school age children in this number at any given time.


Q: What hours can I work?

A: As you will be running your own business you can set the hours you work.  Families need stability when booking care, so offering a range of hours will help you build and grow your business.  Hours includes:- full time, part-time or occasional care; overnight or weekend care, before and after school care, vacation care, 24 hour care and care for children with diverse needs.


Q: Will my home be suitable?

A: The Co-ordination Unit Team will work with you to make sure your home meets all safety standards. A thorough safety assessment is conducted and recommendations for improvement are made. Read our Quick Reference Guide for more information about home standards. Prospective Educators should note that the Queensland Regulatory Authorities position is that garages, sheds or other non-inhabitable structures may not be considered as suitable areas in which to offer a Family Day Care Service.


Q: What are the costs to becoming an Educator?

A: Like many small businesses there are some initial costs that you may need to consider before you get started.  These could include First Aid training; Blue Card Suitability Notice; Public Liability Insurance; Meeting safety standards in your home; Qualification/Training costs (funding available for eligible applicants); Educator Induction Fee; Ongoing costs such as replacing resources, utility costs, accounting fees, service administration fee.  Business expenses are tax deductable, by operating your own small business from home Family Day Care Educators may be able claim a portion of your electricity, rent or mortgage costs as a business expense.  For more information about eligible business expenses contact the Australian Taxation Office or visit  To assist with the costs of establishing your new small business, Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care operates equipment borrowing and a toy library service for all Educators.  Items such as strollers, cots, stacker beds, child car restraints, toys, resources and books are available for loan. 


Q: How much potential income can be made as an Educator? 

A: Educators are self-employed.  This gives you the freedom to set your own hours.  For example, the potential income is approximately $45,000 pa, based on four children in full-time care.  Educators who work more hours, provide weekend and overnight care have the potential of earning higher incomes. 


Q: What training is provided? 

A: Before commencing your Family Day Care business, Educators undertake Induction Training with Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care Scheme. Click HERE for more information about Induction Training and what Qualifications are required to operate your Family Day Care business


Q: Do families get assistance with their fees?

A: Yes. If eligible, families can receive help through the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Co-ordination Unit Team administer these entitlements on behalf of families.  Find out more information HERE about Government assistance for families.